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The Light Of Co-Creation

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Our tradition has long taught that we are co-creators with God in building the world we wish to see.

So it only makes sense that Jewish spiritual entrepreneurs across the country are often finding that co-creation with the community they serve is at the core of delivering some of the most inspiring spiritual experiences around.

We're in a particularly special time of year for the creative spirit. Our ancestors teach us that during the festival of Hanukkah, we have access to the "hidden light" (Or HaGanuz in Hebrew) that existed at the very beginning of creation, to be able to recreate, reconstruct, reinvigorate, renew, and just about revolutionize everything we touch.

Wishing you an abundance of light and creativity this Hanukkah season,

George & Diana

The Open Dor Project Team

Hoping you enjoy these inspiring happenings of light and co-creation from spiritual startup leaders and others from across the creative Jewish gathering space.


At The Well, e had a full house at our extra special Thanksgiving edition of Tot Shabbat, complete with lots of singing and dancing, hamsa turkey making, and extended family and friends from out of town!

Coming up! A Special Chanukah edition of Tot Shabbat! In addition to our Shabbat service filled with singing and dancing, we’ll make sure to bring in all the classic Chanukah songs, stories and treats!



At CoHere, we talk about how the word “Chanukah” means dedication. It’s still a good time to think about what you are most dedicated to and how we show that. The kids make books showing the Chanukah historical story using their own comic pictures & we learn about the dreidel and the Chanukah customs!

We are in the holiday spirit! Light and hope.



As the days get shorter and colder, let's find light and warmth with each other. Read about our Chanukah/Shabbat celebration on 12/7, Shabbat gatherings this weekend, and more.

May Chanukah increase the light and joy in your lives and in our world



FamilyLab: Latkes and Love

Hosted in partnership with Beloved Brooklyn and in homes across Manhattan and Brooklyn. FamilyLab is centered around the family table: delicious vegetarian dinner, sing along, stories, and animated interactive learning as we celebrate holidays and delve into life long Jewish values.

THIS MONTH: Come for the latke making, stay for the candlelight glow to celebrate the tastes, smells, and feels of Hanukkah. A little messy in the kitchen, a lot delicious on the table, this eve includes candle lighting, song, story, and a home-cooked vegetarian dinner. Whether you own your own Hanukkah menorah or it’ll be your first time lighting up, all families are welcome!



Celebrating Light and Hope in Our Time of Darkness

This Hanukkah, The Open Temple shares this tradition at our annual “Hanukkah on the Canal Parade,” and we dedicate ourselves to the search for light in times of darkness. We hearken to the sounds of strangers and invite the Other into our hearts and homes as an eight-night meditation of reduced light to guide our return, until a singular candle, representing all of us, together and alone, becomes our sole companion. A singular light, reminiscent of the mystery and promise of creation. - Rabbi Lori Shapiro

Open Temple Soul Journey: An Intro to Judaism Burns Bright on Hanukkah!

Coming up: Infinite Lights High Voltage Dec 7th, 2018




Leading with light and love this Chanukah!

Launching Something Big!

Jewish Studio Project is launching something big in 2019! 

The Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah announced a new grant to JSP. This significant support will enable us to develop JSP's training capacity and lead a pilot Creative Facilitator Training in Summer 2019.

JSP is building a network of individuals and communities that use Jewish learning and creative process to cultivate curiosity, explore the unknown and deepen a sense of Jewish belonging.

We envision training dozens of creative facilitators from across the country empowered to bring JSP's creative methodology to those who would otherwise have only limited access to this unique approach.


This holiday season, there are many things to reflect upon .. we believe this is a great piece on elevated conversations from On Being.

Words That Matter... Generous Listening... Adventurous Civility... Humility... Patience... Hospitality...


Just For fun! How To Make Dessert Dreidels!

Spinning into the weekend, wishing you a fun and sweet Hanukkah where you always land on "gimmel!" - Moishe House




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