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Open Dor Project Learnings

Dear Friends,

I want to share our newest learnings from the Open Dor Project with you. Over the past three years, Open Dor has invested in rabbis creating innovative, spiritual Jewish communities. We’ve learned so much -- about why people seek out the communities and rabbis, about what keeps them there, about the “uniqueness” of the Open Dor communities, and, by that, I mean: what’s unusual or unique about them? And what does this mean we can learn from them?

Over the past 4 years, we’ve gained expertise in understanding the spiritual lives of young adults and families, emerging Jewish spiritual communities in America: Who’s out there, what do they need, what makes a difference, and where’s the impact.

Tobin Belzer, Phd and Ari Y. Kelman, PhD authored the study on the Open Dor Project communities, “Jewish Spiritual Startups and Participants.” The paper offers insights into the spiritual lives of young adults and young families. Over the months ahead, we will draw out learnings and share more impressions about them. In the meantime, curl up with the report and enjoy the reading and learning.


Rabbi Ana Bonnheim

Director, Open Dor Project




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